$2.7M in road improvement projects planned for 2022 in Sycamore

The largest 2022 project will include microsurfacing Landahl and Townsend Woods subdivisions

SYCAMORE - Several road improvement projects are on the horizon throughout the city of Sycamore this year.

Plans for street maintenance include crack-filling and patching several roads and purchasing materials for the projects. The Sycamore City Council this week discussed plans to budget for the improvement projects and a timeline for construction. This year, street maintenance budgeting will also include a watermain replacement project, according to city documents.

The proposed street maintenance program involves distributing a total of $2,725,000 in capital funding toward street and related repairs. The main distribution is expected to come from three various funds which include: $900,000 from the motor fuel tax, $1,500,000 from street maintenance funds, $175,000 from capital assistance to address hazardous sidewalks.

A portion of the motor fuel tax, about $192,428, includes the final two installments awarded to the City of Sycamore through Gov. JB Pritzker’s Rebuild Illinois program.

Here are several projects planned for 2022:

The largest 2022 project will include microsurfacing Landahl and Townsend Woods subdivisions. The process involves laying a thin, protective seal coat, made of asphalt and minerals, over the roads to extend road life between four to seven years. It’s often a cost-savings measure used for minor crack or wear and tear instead of resurfacing, according to the Illinois Department of Transportation.

Sidewalks and ramps in the subdivision will also be replaced to correct defects and meet new Illinois Department of Transportation and Americans with Disabilities Standards, according to city documents.

In the summer, maintenance is expected on Birchwood Lane, Home Street, West Ottawa Street, Mediterranean Drive and an alley west of Main Street downtown.

The surface of Exchange Street from Walnut to Governor and Sabin Street, will be overlayed, with base repair, reconstruction and curb or sidewalk removal or replacement as needed. Costs for those three specific street projects will be funded through COVID-19 relief grants, according to city documents.

Sabine Street from Illinois Route 64 to Sycamore Street, along with Governor Street from Route. 64 to Exchange Street, will also under surface repair and curb and sidewalk replacement.

Exchange, Sabine and Governor street projects are part of the city’s watermain overhaul plan for 2022, documents show.

The following roads will also undergo surface removal or overlay, base repair and sidewalk or curb replacement in 2022: Birchwood Lane from Fair Street to its dead end; Home Street from Walnut to Lincoln street; West Ottawa Street from Sacramento Street to Park Avenue; Mediterranean Drive from Mercantile to Bethany roads; and the alley west of Main Street from Elm to High streets.