Tips for Selecting a Headstone

There are many important details that go into planning services when a loved one passes.

One such detail is the headstone. This is the permanent marker of where your place of rest is, so it is important to carefully consider your choices of type, size, material, and overall design. Here are ten tips to help you make the best choice of headstone for yourself or a loved one.

1. Take your time. This is you or your loved ones’ forever home and a place for the family to pay their respects. This is forever. Don’t rush the process. Depending upon design and stone selection, it could take months. Be patient.

2. Put one person in charge. It makes it easier on everyone if there is one point of contact.

3. Look for ways to express love for them. Things like “remembered with love,” or a small pictorial carving or laser etching – which can be done with bronze and granite – is a wonderful touch.

4. Take a drive through a few cemeteries to see what you like and don’t like. Have an idea before you schedule a meeting. Take pictures of headstones you like and bring them to your initial consultation.

5. Talk to your family about what type of material you would like to use. Granite or bronzeare most common. There are a multitude colors to select from.

6. Consider choosing an epitaph that has an impact on those who read it. For example, a line from a poem or other touching sentiments. Many people like to put “Beloved daughter, mother, sister and grandmother,” or list the children or grandchildren on the back along with the family name for upright stones.

7. Be open to design ideas. Bring in pictures you or your children or grandchildren drew. They can be put directly on the headstone. There are also catalogues of clipart to choose from.

8.  Set a budget. Headstones and grave markers have many variables. The type of material, size, personalization, pictures, bases, and foundation all factor into the cost. Plan ahead and set a budget.

9.  Why wait? You can pick out your headstone yourself. The date of passing can be added later. This will ensure you get exactly what you want and take the burden off of your family when the time comes.

10. Involve the family. Keep getting mockups until you have exactly what you want. Remember, it’s going to outlast us all.

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