BC Health Department committed to food safety and environmental health education

The mission of the Bureau, Putnam, & Marshall County Health Departments are to prevent disease and promote and protect health through education, collaboration and public service.

Environmental Health is a key area of focus for the BPMHD. Environmental health promotes health and quality of life by preventing or controlling diseases or deaths that result from interactions between people and the places they live, work and play.

The BPMHD programs utilize several methods to prevent health hazards. These including education, surveillance, routine inspections, sampling, posting, and enforcement where necessary. The food program is dedicated to reducing foodborne illnesses in the community by helping to eliminate the factors that cause these illnesses.

Each year, millions of Americans suffer — and thousands die — from foodborne illnesses, according to the National Institute of Food and Agriculture. This is a preventable problem that is damaging to both individuals and the economy, but many of these illnesses can be prevented.

The Environmental Health Division conducts inspections at all food service establishments, investigates complaints, provides educational training to food service workers and issues food licenses and permits.

The department also reviews and approves plans for newly constructed or remodeled food services. The staff is also available to assist individuals and establishments in the community to learn how to prepare, serve and store foods safely.

Recent inspection scores can be found on the Bureau, Putnam, & Marshall County Health Department website.

The BPMHD also offers several different Food Certification courses. The Certified Food Protection Manager Course is an 8-hour course followed by an exam. The Food Handler Certificate Class is a 1-day education course, and all employees at all establishments that handle/prepare/touch food are required to have this certificate.

For questions on food protection and temporary food permits, contact Andrew Swartz(aswartz@bpmhd.org), Danette Smith (dsmith@bpmhd.org) or Stephanie Peters (speters@bpmhd.org).

Bureau County Health Department: 815-872-5091

Putnam County Health Department: 815-872-2324

Marshall County Health Department: 309-246-8074

BPMHD Website: www.bchealthdepartment.org