Showing Grief Support While Social Distancing

When friends and loved ones experience a loss, we want to be there for them. We want to show support, be helpful, and lend a comforting hand.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, lending those hands can be a challenge as social distancing remains the current best practice. With comforting physical touch such as handshakes and hugs limited, other ways of showing your support for those who are grieving are becoming more useful.

Reach out

The important thing here is to understand and acknowledge the loss and reach out to the people grieving. Allow them their grief and space but let them know you’re there for them. Whether by phone, text, or even social media and email, starting conversations with simple things like “I’m so sorry for your loss,” or “My sympathies…” can be the right approach.

Be helpful

Offering to help is nice, but it’s not always enough. You don’t need permission to do something nice for someone, especially in their time of grief. You might consider ordering carryout for them from their favorite restaurants or inviting them over for coffee or dinner. Sending a card or flowers or helping with their housework or errands are some other wonderful ways to be helpful during this time.

Avoid clichés

We’ve all heard certain cliché phrases tossed around casually, but during a grieving period, they can feel empty and even disrespectful. Avoid saying things like “God has a new angel,” or “I know how you feel,” because you don’t. You can’t. Even if you went through a nearly identical situation, you cannot truly know how someone else feels at a given moment – especially a difficult one like dealing with loss.

Be direct

Loss and grief are never comfortable. Nobody enjoys the experience. But they shouldn’t be avoided, either. Instead, it’s best to be direct and straightforward. You may ask the person(s) about their lost loved one or encourage them to tell their favorite stories about them. Tell the grieving person how much you love and appreciate them. Be considerate, kind and ask if they need anything.

These are just a few simple ways to emphasize showing support for those who are grieving a loss during these uncertain times. For more questions, please visit or call 815-875-2425.

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