Letters to the Editor

Letter: IVCC exam questions politically ‘biased’

The questions in a recent IVCC exam were designed to force students to think along politically correct lines and thus become indoctrinated. The curriculum as a whole was designed to support leftist views. Books were assigned that were politically one sided. The same brainwashing techniques as used by certain teachers were used by North Koreans to brainwash POWs during the Korean War. They forced one to criticize personally values and accept programmed train of thought by seeing the perceived merits of opposing viewpoints or face torture, or in this case to fail the class. Yeonmi Park, a defector from North Korea, says in her book “In Order To Live” that pro-North Korea is rampant in the US and they don’t allow critical thinking.

Critical Race Theory, as pushed on students, has nothing to do with racial equality but rather spreading Communist propaganda. By cleverly inserting the word ‘race’ into the title it provides a strong connotation that those unfamiliar with the subject will automatically think it is a good thing and those opposing it are racists.

Critical thinking as proposed by leftists is hypocritical. You can talk down American values but don’t criticize them. Two Ohio mothers recently practicing free speech by publicly protesting against Critical Race Theory being taught to their children at Columbus Academy found their children being expelled.

If we allow the National Education Association (NEA) to continue spreading such one sided propaganda we will someday find Granville, Spring Valley, and Oglesby going the same way as Portland Oregon. Dr. Aruna Khilanani of Yale was quoted as saying that she had fantasies of shooting white people in the head! So genocide is next on their list?

If the NEA thinks they are all powerful and dictate what is taught to our children then I say it is time to not only defund the teachers union but put them on trial for subversive activities!

Joe Krakovsky