Letters to the Editor

Letter: ‘Rep. Kinzinger is my representative too’

To the Editor,

Evalyn Hassler’s open letter to Rep. Adam Kinzinger inspired me. It inspired me to say Rep. Kinzinger is my representative too.

I am so grateful to Rep. Kinzinger for representing his constituents as our elected congressman and not just as a Republican. The increased proliferation of opinion news, conspiracy theories and 100% partisan politics over the last 10-20 years is taking our country down a dark road to a dangerous place. There is nothing that says you have to caucus with your party all the time, on every issue. Again, this thinking is what is tearing our country, and by the way, also our families and our friendships apart.

As far as, “President Trump giving us the best four years in our nation’s history,” I would say this: Hitler promised to make Germany great again and give all the Germans (except some of them), a much better life. To the German people (except some of them) he was a god that could do no wrong.

Let’s let Rep. Kinzinger use his conscience as a guide to represent us. Let’s let history judge Trump’s four years.

Terri Zearing