Bureau County Coalition for Constitutional Rights will meet in Princeton Sept. 25

New political group will host Christian conservative motivational speaker

PRINCETON — Stephanie Trussell, former WLS 890 AM talk show host and motivational speaker, will be at the Prouty Building in Princeton on Saturday, Sept. 25, at 10 a.m.

Come and be inspired and challenged by this self-made woman who has the faith to confront the crazy world. As a teen mom and former Chicago Democrat, she is now a spokesman for constitutional rights and champion for Christian conservative values.

Trussell captures even the most hostile audiences with her passion for the truth of our constitution and well-being of all American citizens. She will be speaking at the invitation of newly organized political group, Bureau County Coalition for Constitutional Rights.

They are a grassroots organization dedicated to strengthening constitutional policies and practices. They are concerned the shift in policies coming out of the current administration will threaten basic rights, increases taxes and regulations, and endanger many quality-of-life issues.

For further information on the event contact, Suzie Bishop at 815-915-5243 or Lonnie Caldwell at 815-875-9810.