Princeton’s last say in the Perry/OSF affiliation agreement happens Jan. 18

PRINCETON – In less than one week, Princeton City Council will cast a final vote that will change the future of Perry Memorial Hospital, which has been a city-owned hospital for the past 100 years.

On Jan. 18, the will council vote on an ordinance to approve the proposed affiliation agreement with OSF and Perry, making it the final day the Princeton community has a say in this agreement.

If approved, the next step in this deal will come Jan. 25 when the OSF Healthcare board will vote on the agreement. In Saturday’s edition of the BCR, it was incorrectly reported that the Perry Memorial Hospital board will vote on Jan. 25. The BCR regrets the error.

The Perry Memorial Hospital board approved the agreement Dec. 18 and sent it to the Princeton City Council for approval. If on Jan. 25 the OSF Healthcare board approves the agreement, the takeover transition is estimated to happen over the course of six months. By mid-to-late summer, the transition could be compete.

What’s in the affiliation agreement?

The affiliation agreement is a public document that is available to anyone interested in reading it. It’s a 50-plus page document that can be found on the city of Princeton’s website, under the city council tab, in the Jan. 4 agenda packet. Copies can also be requested from Princeton City Hall.

Do you have a question or concern about Perry or OSF?

The public can submit questions online on the Perry Memorial Hospital’s website under the “who we are” and “discussions with OSF” tabs. Linda Gustafson, chairperson of the Perry Memorial Hospital board, said the board wants to be as transparent as possible about the agreement with OSF and that every question would be answered. Questions that have already been asked by people are posted on the website with answers provided by Perry Memorial Hospital. The questions and answers are updated periodically. The last update for questions and answers was posted on Jan. 12.

Would you like to voice an opinion to the city council before they vote Monday?

You can reach out to any city council member before Monday evening. A number for each city council member is listed on the city of Princeton’s website. You can also speak to them publicly on Monday, Jan. 18, during the city council meeting. The meeting begins at 7 p.m. and is held in the council chambers at city hall. All city council meetings are open to the public. Before the city council votes on the ordinance, a public comment session is available for anyone to speak an opinion about a topic or issue in the city.

Can you attend meetings of the Perry Memorial Hospital board?

Yes. These meetings are also open to the public. The next meeting is held on Monday, Jan. 25, at 6 p.m. in the White Oak Classroom on the third floor of the hospital. There is a public comment session where the public is invited to make comments to the board at the start of the meeting.

Goldie Rapp

Goldie Rapp is the Associate Editor of the Bureau County Republican and Putnam County Record. She has worked for Shaw Media since 2013.