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Golf: IVWGI history scorecard

Karen Anderson hits the ball during the Illinois Valley Women's Golf Invitational on Sunday, Aug. 14, 2022 at Spring Creek Golf Course in Spring Valley. Anderson won A class and placed second overall.
YearLocationIndividual championTeam champion
1958South BluffJune Anderson, Mendota GCNot available
1959South BluffJune Anderson, Mendota GCNot available
1960South BluffJune Anderson, Mendota GCNot available
1961South BluffDoris Vicini, Pine HillsNot available
1962Not availableJune Anderson, Mendota GCNot available
1963Mendota GCJune Anderson, Mendota GCNot available
1964Pine HillsJune Anderson, Mendota GCNot available
1965Pine HillsMary Dagraedt, South BluffNot available
1966DaDeCoDoris Vicini, Pine HillsNot available
1967Deer ParkJudy Krafcky, Pine HillsPine Hills
1968Morris CCWilma Tibbetts, Mendota GCPine Hills
1969Spring CreekKay Hines, Pine HillsBureau Valley
1970Not availableEstelle Green, Bureau ValleyNot available
1971DaDeCoKay Hines, Pine HillsDeer Park
1972Deer ParkKay Hines, Pine HillsBureau Valley
1973EdgewoodKay Hines, Pine HillsBureau Valley
1974Lacon CCJo Beth Camp, Lacon CCLacon CC
1975Mendota GCKay Hines, Pine HillsMendota GC
1976Not availableLouise Hill, EdgebrookNot available
1977South BluffMarianne Barnes, Lacon CCSpring Creek
1978Spring CreekMarsha Leonard, Twin CreekSpring Creek
1979Twin CreekMarsha Leonard, Twin CreekTall Oaks
1980DaDeCoJulie Baxter, Tall OaksBureau Valley
1981Deer ParkSue Arbogast, Twin CreekTall Oaks
1982EdgewoodKathy Beck, DaDeCoTall Oaks
1983Hidden LakeJulie Baxter, Tall OaksHidden Lake
1984Tall OaksKathy Beck, Deer ParkTall Oaks
1985Bureau ValleyJudy Kalkwarf, Tall OaksTall Oaks
1986Lacon CCJudy Kalkwarf, Tall OaksHidden Lake
1987Mendota GCJune Anderson, Mendota GCMendoa GC
1988Morris CCJeri Dolezal, Mendota GCMorris CC
1989Spring CreekJudy Kalkwarf, Tall OaksTall Oaks
1990Tall OaksDeb Seggerman, Tall OaksTall Oaks
1991Twin CreekJudy Kalkwarf, Tall OaksTall Oaks
1992Bureau ValleyJulie Orrison, Lacon CCBureau Valley
1994Deer ParkKristy Pytel, Deer ParkDeer Park
1995Lacon CCGina Steele, Spring CreekEdgewood
1996EdgewoodJanet Nave, Lacon CCEdgewood
1997Spring CreekRoberta Benevento, Green RiverSpring Creek
1998Hidden LakeRoberta Benevento, Green RiverSpring Creek
1999Tall OaksJudy Kalkwarf, Tall OaksTall Oaks
2000Bureau ValleyRoberta Benevento, Green RiverGreen River
2001Deer ParkPenny Derick, Spring CreekTall Oaks
2002EdgewoodPenny Derick, EdgewoodEdgewood
2003Lacon CCCarrie Riordan, Spring CreekEdgewood
2004Oak RidgeCarol Balconi, EdgewoodEdgewood
2005Spring CreekCarrie Riordan, Spring CreekEdgewood
2006Deer ParkCarol Balconi, EdgewoodEdgewood
2007EdgewoodCarrie Riordan, Spring CreekEdgewood
2008Green RiverCarrie Riordan, Deer ParkEdgewood
2009Hunter’s RidgeCarrie Riordan, Deer ParkHunter’s Ridge
2010Oak RidgeCheri Russell, Morris CCSpring Creek
2011Spring CreekCarrie Riordan, Deer ParkOak Ridge
2012Deer ParkKatie Farrell, Hunter’s RidgeOak Ridge
2013EdgewoodCarol Balconi, EdgewoodEdgewood
2014Green RiverTammy Howlett, Green RiverGreen River
2015Hidden LakeMichelle Schmidt, Spring CreekSpring Creek
2016Oak RidgeCheri Russell, Morris CCProphet Hills
2017Spring CreekCathy Verhulst, Prophet HillsProphet Hills
2018Wyaton HillsCarol Towne, Wyaton HillsWyaton Hills
2019EdgewoodCheri Russell, Morris CCSpring Creek
2021Prophet HillsCathy Verhulst, Prophet HillsProphet Hills
2022Spring CreekKirsten McLendon, Deer ParkDeer Park