April 11, 2021

NFL mock draft: Hub Arkush’s version 2.0

Draft boards changing quickly now, but QBs, WRs and offensive linemen still dominant

A lot has changed since I took my first swing at this, but not for the Bears or Packers. I see one player who is a perfect for each of them. Each is a good value at 20 and 29, respectively, and I still see the offensive tackle and inside linebacker falling to them.

Like everyone else I see five quarterbacks in the top 20 but only three in the top 13. There are just so many question marks around all but Trevor Lawrence. You can’t ignore how awful the odds have been on hitting on one of these kids over the past decade or so.

I’ve still got six wideouts and five offensive linemen in the first round because those two are the strongest position groups in the draft. Half of my first round are QBs, WRs and OLs. The other half is a real smorgasbord.

So let’s have some fun and let me know if I got your favorite team what you are hope for.

Hub Arkush

Hub Arkush is a Bears/NFL Insider for Shaw Media