January 23, 2021

Week 15 power rankings: Can anyone stop the Chiefs come January? We wouldn't bet on it

Our power rankings are updated each week during the NFL’s regular season and are intended to rank teams based on their talent and performance to date.

Rankings will change each week because of personnel changes, injuries and performance, and a team’s ranking in any given week has no impact on where they might rank in weeks to come.

These are our NFL Week 15 Power Rankings:

1. Kansas City (12-1): Dolphins never really scared them. They're the cream of the crop.

2. Buffalo (10-3): You may not know most of them, but they're taking on all comers.

3. Green Bay (10-3): Still don't trust 'D' but Aaron Rodgers makes it look like it doesn't matter.

4. Pittsburgh (11-2): They were due to stumble, still time to get ready for playoffs.

5. New Orleans (10-3): Did they get caught looking past Philly to K.C., Drew Brees return?

6. L.A. Rams (9-4): Other than 49ers game, have they been NFC's best last five weeks?

7. Indianapolis (9-4): Got the ground game going vs. Vegas, can they keep it up?

8. Seattle (9-4): Defense still huge question but getting safety Jamal Adams back really helps.

9. Tennessee (9-4): Why isn't Derrick Henry getting more MVP talk? Guy's a beast.

10. Tampa Bay (8-5): They have the talent, can Bruce Arians sort out all the question marks?

11. Baltimore (8-5): Browns game classic but two wild-card teams, probably not contenders.

12. Cleveland (9-4): Earned more respect losing to Ravens than in their nine wins.

13. Miami (8-5): Fish are a great story, but Chiefs showed why they're not ready yet.

14. New England (6-7): Bill Belichick's kept them fighting, but going nowhere with Cam Newton.

15. Arizona (7-6): Win over Giants huge, now two of last three may be enough.

16. Washington (6-7): Defense playing lights out, but they still need a healthy Alex Smith.

17. Las Vegas (7-6): Was Paul Guenther firing a desperation move from Jon Gruden?

18. Minnesota (6-7): Bucs loss really hurt. Split with Bears, Saints may not be enough.

19. Chicago (6-7): It was only Houston but still just one game from Wild Card spot.

20. N.Y. Giants (5-8): Giants still have tiebreaker if they make up one game on Washington.

21. San Francisco (5-8): Injuries killed them but the spoiler no contender wants to see now.

22. Denver (5-8): What Vic Fangio's doing with QB mess, all the injuries is impressive.

23. Detroit (5-8): So much for Darrell Bevell bounce, although they did compete with Pack.

24. L.A. Chargers (4-9): Finally on the right side of last second points, too little too late?

25. Philadelphia (4-8-1): Nice over Saints, but more about the pass rush than Jalen Hurts.

26. Carolina (4-9): Work to do but Matt Rhule's guys don't quit.

27. Dallas (4-9): Yeah, the Bengals will do that for you. Let's not get carried away.

28. Atlanta (4-9): A few strategic pieces or a rebuild? Matt Ryan's future depends on it.

29. Houston (4-9): Been a rough road ,but Bears game first time they haven't shown up.

30. Cincinnati (2-10-1): Even with a healthy Joe Burrow there's still a lot of work to do here.

31. Jacksonville (1-12): Looks like Minshewmania will get one more shot.

32. N.Y. Jets (0-13): Sam Darnold says he wants to be a Jet for life. You have to wonder why?