Spring Valley Police Officer steps up to help family in need

SPRING VALLEY — A Spring Valley Police Officer has made Christmas time a little brighter for a local boy, gifting him with toys and clothes.

Sarah Kinkin said her department learned about a mom that could use a little assistance in getting much needed items for her son, who has been going through a rough time. She didn't think twice about stepping in to give a helping hand to the family.

"I called and spoke with her and she mentioned a few things that her son needed," Kinkin said. "I spoke with Chief (Adam) Curran and he donated toys and offered to help. After work, I ran to Target and got the rest of the things she had mentioned.

"The next day, Chief Curran and I went to her residence to drop the items off. We spent a little time with her son, who is very funny and smart, and gave him the presents."

Kinkin is modest about their efforts, simply saying it was the right thing to do.

"We did it because we were in a position to help. Simple as that. I was always taught that if you can help someone, you do," she said.

"It’s been a really tough year for a lot of people financially and emotionally and although she did not ask for help, we were in a position to lighten her load a little so we did. I believe the majority of people would, and do, do the same thing everyday in various ways without recognition or acknowledgement."