Popularity of Celebration of Lights in La Salle leads to traffic changes

East Fifth Road will be closed to southbound traffic on Fridays and Saturdays

In response to the increased visitors at this year’s Celebration of Lights, the city of La Salle is changing the traffic pattern through Rotary Park to help ease congestion.

La Salle Mayor Jeff Grove said the community response to the event has been amazing.

“We are estimating over three times as many visitors so far this year, compared to the same period last year,” Grove said. “I believe that we have visitors that make this a part of their Christmas tradition every year, and some new visitors are looking for fun things to do with their family that are safe and not expensive. Celebration of Lights covers both those points.”

With the increase in traffic, the city of La Salle is making the process smoother.

On Fridays and Saturdays, East Fifth Road from U.S. 6 to North 29th Road will close to southbound traffic from 4 until 10 p.m.

This will allow drivers to use both lanes for northbound traffic from U.S. 6 toward the Celebration of Lights at Rotary Park. This will be the only entrance to the display during the mentioned time and day.

Drivers leaving the Celebration of Lights will continue in one lane of northbound traffic on East Fifth Road to North 29th Road where signs will be placed to guide vehicles back to Interstate 80, Interstate 39 or U.S. 6.

The other lane of this portion of East Fifth Road will be reserved for volunteers and emergency responders.

These traffic changes will not be in effect on weekdays and Sundays when traffic for the Celebration of Lights is reduced.

The city may revert these changes on Fridays and Saturdays if traffic to the display slows deeper into the holiday season.

Grove said the city already has locked in close to 30 more displays for next year as La Salle looks to continue to grow the annual event.

“If it is a part of your family tradition or you are looking to add to your traditions, join us at the Celebration of Lights,” Grove said.

There is no charge to enter the event, but donations are accepted, and they will go for purchasing displays and other park features, such as the new pathway.