Joliet OKs car wash for Gas N Wash

A car wash for a new Gas N Wash was approved after a couple of tall evergreens were added to the plan.

The Joliet City Council on Tuesday approved a special use permit needed for the car wash and zoning variations to increase the number and size of signs.

The Gas N Wash at Theodore Street and Drauden Road is already under construction.

Neighbor Gilberto Morales raised objections about the layout of the project, telling the council at its workshop meeting on Monday that that he and other neighbors thought there was not enough landscaping and fencing between the gas station and homes.

Attorney Michael Hansen for Gas N Wash told the council Tuesday landscapers will add two 20-foot evergreens between the station and Morales's house.

"It is less than we asked for," Morales told the council. "But it is acceptable."

The car wash was added to the project after the council in August approved what was then branded as a Food N Fuel.

The station will still have the Dunkin' doughnut and coffee shop originally planned and a Ta Canjo Tacos restaurant.

In addition to the special use permit allowing the car wash, the council also approved zoning variations allowing for more signage than what would otherwise be permitted on the site, which is zoned for neighborhood business.