Letter: McHenry Township consolidation would be a good thing

To the Editor:

Good news. Illinois’ nation-leading 7,000 tax-eating governments are shrinking. Illinois voters were clear at the election on Nov. 3 that they want reform, tax relief, spending cuts and fewer governments on their tax bills. Illinois voters know if there is to be tax relief we must reduce the size and cost of 7,000 units of government.

Reform, tax relief, spending cuts and less government is now moving forward at the township level, where there are 1,433 townships and 1,433 township road districts, each with their own taxing authority.

Three of Illinois’ nation-leading 1,433 townships saw their road districts abolished at the November election by smart voters.The townships were Ela, Bloomingdale and Elk Grove. Now there are 1,430 township road districts, but this is still too many.

Good news. McHenry Township voters will have an opportunity for government consolidation. The road district plan will be on the April 6 ballot. At the November monthly township board meeting, the board voted for a ballot proposal that would give township voters the opportunity to eliminate the road district.

McHenry Township is a separate taxing unit of government from the McHenry Township road district, and if the referendum is approved by voters this April, the road district’s duties will be taken over by the township and overseen by the township board, thus eliminating a unit of government.

Note: Township road commissioners do not have a board overseeing their operations.

McHenry Township government consolidation? This would be a good thing.

Bob Anderson

Wonder Lake