Letter: How Trump made America great

To the Editor:

In November, our nation held an election for president. After several suspenseful days of counting ballots, many of them mailed ballots because of the pandemic, a winner was declared. That winner was the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden.

Yet, Donald Trump and his delusional minions refuse to accept the results, claiming voter fraud and a rigged election, while not one state has come forward with any evidence of malfeasance. He has filed lawsuits and requested recounts only in the states he has lost or is losing.

As during his presidency, he refuses to exhibit even a shred of decency and congratulate his opponent. He is an embarrassment to our democratic process, and, in his usual self-centered manner, drags the GOP down with him.

Our country is desperate for a panacea and has made the choice of who they think is more capable of providing that healing. I guess, in reality, Donald Trump has made America great again by his failure to successfully be re-elected.

Paul Ruger

Crystal Lake