January 24, 2021

Week 12 power rankings: Dismiss the Colts at your own peril

Our power rankings are updated each week during the NFL’s regular season and are intended to rank teams based on their talent and performance to date.

Rankings will change each week because of personnel changes, injuries and performance, and a team’s ranking in any given week has no impact on where they might rank in weeks to come.

These are our NFL Week 12 Power Rankings:

1. Pittsburgh (10-0): They're the real deal. Can they hang on to lone AFC bye this year?

2. Kansas City (9-1): A legit threat for a rare repeat, but that defense does worry you.

3. New Orleans (8-2): OK, Taysom Hill can handle Falcons, but what about a legit 'D'?

4. Indianapolis (7-3): The team nobody wants to see in the playoffs is getting better.

5. Buffalo (7-3): They fit here now, do they have the playmakers for the playoffs?

6. Seattle (7-3): Stemmed the tide vs. the Cardinals but they have to find more 'D'.

7. Green Bay (7-3): Did Indy just show us the formula to make The Pack ordinary?

8. Tennessee (7-3): Ravens win was huge. Colts on Sunday will tell us who Titans really are.

9. L.A. Rams (7-3): They've been up and down but win over Bucs really impressed.

10. Baltimore (6-4): Lamar Jackson has fallen, now can he get up?

11. Tampa Bay (7-4): Brady is the GOAT, but at times he is also every second of 43.

12. Las Vegas (6-4): The offense may be ready now, but is defense still a year away?

13. Miami (6-4): Now what to do with Tua, this is why he should have had to wait.

14. Arizona (6-4): Their arrow is pointing up, but defense has a way to go.

15. Cleveland (7-3): Hope Browns fans are enjoying it but this is a really shaky 7-3.

16. Minnesota (4-6): OK, didn't see that one coming. This is not a playoff defense.

17. Chicago (5-5): Still control their own destiny, if only they had an offense.

18. New England (4-6): Even for Belichick there's just not enough talent here.

19. San Francisco (4-6): With this injury list just not sure how much a bye can help.

20. Denver (4-6): Vic Fangio is a great coach. He just needs more healthy bodies.

21. Carolina (4-7): Really interesting to see what Matt Rhule does once this is built.

22. Detroit (4-6): Not sure Matt Patricia and Bob Quinn survive after shutout in Carolina.

23. N.Y. Giants (3-7): At this point these guys may be the favorite in the NFC Least.

24. L.A. Chargers (3-7): Justin Herbert following Rivers reminiscent of Favre, Rodgers.

25. Washington (3-7): As great as Alex Smith's story is, what is Dwayne Haskins' story?

26. Dallas (3-7): Defense is still a mess, but hey, just half a game out of first.

27. Houston (3-7): New G.M., coach coming no matter what happens rest of way.

28. Philadelphia (3-6-1): Problem here is talent, how did this roster get so weak so fast?

29. Atlanta (3-7): Raheem Morris is competing but he won't get this job.

30. Cincinnati (2-7-1): Tragic seeing Joe Burrow go down. They may not win another game.

31. Jacksonville (1-9): Is Doug Marone gone? Too much talent to be this bad.

32. N.Y. Jets (0-10): You have to wonder who Adam Gase has pictures of?