New Lenox Safe Community's mental health presentation available on YouTube

In case you missed the village of New Lenox’s and it’s Safe Community’s Coalition’s recent presentation “Holiday Blues in the time of COVID,” it is available to view for free on YouTube.

The timely presentation touched upon ways for people who are struggling with mental health issues during these tough times and how to handle it.

The presentation was given by Marie Goulet, a licensed clinical social worker and Assistant Director of Special Education at New Lenox School District 122.

One point Goulet made early on in the presentation was about anxiety. She wrote on her PowerPoint slide that those watching should note that it says, “I have anxiety,” not, “I am anxiety.”

It adds that “we are defined by how we respond to diagnosis and experience.”

“So this was a good one,” Safe Communities coordinator Dan Martin wrote on Facebook. “Just throwing this out there. If you or someone you know is struggling with everything going on in the world, PLEASE give this a watch. Marie is an excellent presenter who offers some really good advice during this presentation. Our Safe Community Coalition is lucky to have her and we look forward to future presentations.”

The video can viewed at or by searching “New Lenox Safe Communities Holiday Blues.”