A 39-year-old Lisle man is free on bond Friday after being charged with nine counts of possession of child pornography videos.

Brandon Darger, 39, of the 4400 block of Fender Drive, was charged with nine Class 2 felony counts possessing visual reproductions of child pornography on his computer following a months-long undercover Internet investigation into the possession and distribution of child pornography files, according to a DuPage County Sheriff's Office news release.

The sheriff’s Digital Forensic Investigation Unit, along with the Lisle Police Department, executed a search warrant Wednesday at Darger’s home, and Darger was arrested at the scene.

“Our Digital Forensic Investigation Unit is relentless in its pursuit of those who attempt to victimize and violate our children through child pornography,” Sheriff James Mendrick said in the release. “If you’re producing it, searching for it, watching it or sharing it, they will find you, and we will work to prepare the best possible case for prosecutors.”

DuPage County Judge John Kinsella set bond at $40,000 during a Thursday bail hearing. If convicted, Darger faces between three and seven years in prison.

“Unfortunately, we continue to see an alarming number of these very disturbing cases,” DuPage County State’s Attorney Robert Berlin said in the release. “I would like to commend DuPage County Sheriff Jim Mendrick’s Digital Forensic Investigations Unit as well as the Lisle Police Department for their continued pro-active efforts in going after those who would prey on our most vulnerable.”

Darger’s arraignment is scheduled for Dec. 17 in DuPage County Court.

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