August 09, 2022
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Will County recycling specialist elected to state, national roles

Will County recycling specialist Marta Keane has been elected to state and national roles in the field of recycling.

Keane has been chosen to be the first president of the newly formed non-profit, Illinois Recycling Foundation. It is an off-shoot of the nearly 40-year-old Illinois Recycling Association, of which Keane was president 2012-2014.

The recycling association created the new group to handle the types of work Keane has been doing for Will County the past 15 years -- recycling education, presentations and networking events for those involved in making recycling work for residents and businesses.

Together with 11 solid waste, recycling and composting professionals, the Illinois Recycling Foundation is charting a course in addressing Illinois recycling infrastructure needs, improving recycling education, addressing market conditions and more.

Keane was also elected to the National Recycling Coalition board.

NRC encourages the collection and development of more processing venues, along with the purchase and promotion of recycled materials.

Keane works in the Resource Recovery and Energy Division of the Will County Land Use Department. The land use department is led by Director David Dubois and is under the office of Will County Executive Denise Winfrey.