La Salle County updates Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan

FEMA stamps approval on new plan

The Federal Emergency Management Agency recently approved the 2020 La Salle County Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan. La Salle County, along with 17 communities and two townships, participated in the NHMP planning process in the past year, according to a news release from the North Central Illinois Council of Governments.

This latest mitigation plan was an update to a previous plan. Several communities adopted the FEMA-approved plan in October, and the remaining communities will vote to adopt it during upcoming Council or board meetings.

The planning process involved gathering public comments at several public meetings, interviewing leaders and elected officials of all 20 jurisdictions, and updating or formulating strategies that will make each community and the county more resilient to natural hazards. The plan is effective for five years.

In order for a county or municipality to receive federal funding for pre-disaster mitigation funds, a county must have an adopted and FEMA-approved NHMP. The purpose of the plan is to identify the types of natural hazards that can affect a jurisdiction, to assess each jurisdiction’s vulnerability to those hazards and to formulate mitigation strategies that will reduce the severity of natural disasters by protecting lives and property. Every five years, plans must be reviewed and updated to remain active.

The newly updated plan is available for review at

North Central Illinois Council of Governments is a regional planning agency that provides administrative assistance to local governments throughout the region. For information about the La Salle County NHMP, visit, email or call 815-433-5830.