St. Charles Police Department seeing uptick in fraud cases

Urging residents to take action

ST. CHARLES – The St. Charles Police Department is reporting a notable increase of fraud reports from residents during the last couple of months.

The majority of recent reports involve unemployment insurance fraud, according to a news release from the St. Charles Police Department. The department advises those who feel they are a victim of this scam to immediately contact the Illinois Department of Employment Security at 800-814-0513 or visit its website at

The department has also received reports of residents having their identity used to obtain fraudulent loans from the Small Business Administration. Those who receive a letter about this type of fraud, can immediately notify the Small Business Administration at its website,

Residents are also urged to be on the lookout for scams involving phone calls or e-mails where they are asked to send in money via a prepaid debit card or other gift card.

"We suggest that you report these incidents to the St Charles Police Department and also to the Federal Trade Commission who has recently launched a new site for reporting scams," the release stated. "Visit the FTC website at In addition, please monitor your credit reports for any fraudulent activity."