Ugaste claims victory, blasts Madigan, Dems, Paschke

'Lies and smear campaigns do not fool voters in the 65th District'

GENEVA – In a news release Friday that announced his re-election, State Rep. Dan Ugaste, R-65, also blasted Democrats and Speaker Michael Madigan for spending $3 million to $4 million to try to defeat him – in 2018 and 2020 – and his opponent Martha Paschke for an “increasingly personal” campaign against him.

Paschke called Ugaste Thursday congratulate him on the victory after it became apparent that the number of votes he was leading by exceeded the number of remaining votes to be counted, the release stated.

“Mike Madigan … lost again,” Ugaste stated in the release.

“While my disagreement with Madigan and the Democrats is regarding policy and what needs to be implemented to move Illinois forward, Madigan and Mrs. Paschke made their quest to defeat me increasingly personal,” Ugaste said. “Speaker Madigan and Mrs. Paschke learned that lies and smear campaigns do not fool voters in the 65th District. Character, honesty, and good policy win voters' trust.”

The release stated that Ugaste pledged to return to work to deal with the tough financial decisions that need to be made.

When voters rejected the statewide income tax referendum, it shows they are demanding fiscal responsibility and “refused to be fooled by the efforts of Speaker Madigan and Governor Pritzker to provide the Democratic power brokers with an unlimited stream of tax revenue,” the release stated.

“Despite the dire financial situation our state government is in, the people of Illinois made it clear that they do not trust the Democratic leadership of Illinois with a single additional penny of revenue,” Ugaste stated in the release. “Instead, they want us to spend what we currently have responsibly. I could not agree more.”