Kane GOP, Dem leaders offer election analysis

'Clearly, it was not the year of the old white male'

For Kane County Republican Party Chairman Kenneth Shepro and Mark Guethle, chairman of the Kane County Democratic Party, the blue wave of Democrats’ votes impacted Tuesday’s general election in Kane County.

The turnout was a record 73.4% among 316,634 registered voters with 231,281 ballots cast, according to the latest update on the Kane County Clerk's website.

“The Democrats won a very significant number of victories with very very tiny margins,” Shepro said. “Clearly, it was not the year of the old white male. Any one of the Democratic candidates who won countywide was a woman.”

Shepro was referring to apparent victories of Corinne Pierog for Kane County Board Chair, Jamie Mosser for Kane County State’s Attorney, Theresa Barreiro for Kane County Circuit Clerk and Penny Wegman for Kane County Auditor, all according to unofficial tallies updated Wednesday.

Republican incumbent Sandy Wegman also led, but her challenger, Democrat Brenda Rodgers, is also a woman.

“I won by enough that it would withstand any late arriving mail-in ballots,” Shepro said.

Shepro received 6,284 votes to his opponent Democrat Ruth Kuzmanic’s 5,179, a difference of 1,105 votes in updated unofficial totals Wednesday,

More than 10,000 mail-in ballots are still out. The Kane County Clerk's Office has until Nov. 17 to count them.

Another factor was that mail-in ballots strongly favored Democrats, Shepro said.

Guethle agreed.

“He’s right about mail-in ballots,” Guethle said. “Biden had a 20 point lead when it hit early votes and mail-in ballots. Our own records show we were 2:1 in Kane County.”

And of course, President Trump had an effect on the turnout.

“No doubt that there were issues that a lot of voters had with the president,” Shepro said.

Guethle agreed with that comment also.

“Trump lost by more votes in Kane County than the entire state of Wisconsin. ... I would say he (Trump) had a huge problem with voters in Kane County,” Guethle said.

“Joe Biden won Kane County by 14 percentage points,” Guethle said. “He got 128,080 votes, the most in the history of Kane county and more than Barack Obama.”

So many Democrats voting created tight races that should have been more handily won in areas historically dominated by Republicans, Shepro said.

"I should have got 70% of the vote. I got 55%," Shepro said. “But one of the things about a very close election – any reason anybody gives you as to why it happened is going to be right. ‘I lost by 10 votes, shoulda done this, shoulda done that’ – anyone can be a political pundit.”