Block: McHenry County offers several mental health services

Residents who responded to the 2020 McHenry County Healthy Community Study indicated that “awareness of available services” was the aspect most in need of improvement for mental health services in the county.

The McHenry County Mental Health Board continues to expand awareness and engagement of the services available in the county through several outreach efforts.

A new website was launched Oct. 1 at

The site has a search capability to direct visitors to specific services. There is a professional portal for providers to stay updated on information and contacts. A calendar of events displays training, activities and programs for both the Mental Health Board and the provider agencies.

Also included on the site is a comprehensive services directory with direct links to service providers.

On the home page of the website and in the “About” section is a brief video of 101 Training, which outlines the mission, purpose and services of the McHenry County Mental Health Board.

For those on Facebook, events, news and information are posted regularly. Those who like us on Facebook will receive notifications as well as quick access to the new website.

The McHenry County crisis line is supported by the Mental Health Board and provides a central point of access for all behavioral health needs in the county. The crisis line is staffed 24/7 for 365 days a year by local mental health professionals. Put the number in your phone: 800-892-8900.

Other ongoing communications include the MCHELP app, which allows 24/7 text or voice direct to the crisis line. The app also links to several resources for both mental health and social services. It can be downloaded for free from iTunes or Google.

To assist the Spanish-speaking community with accessing services, the Mental Health Board has partnered with Youth and Family Center of McHenry County to employ a bilingual service navigator. The bilingual service navigator can be reached at 815-322-2357.

The website,, can be viewed in English, Spanish and Polish. It also includes AccessiBe software to provide compliance and support for people with disabilities.

The McHenry County Mental Health Board partners with United Way of Greater McHenry County to promote the local 211 help line. United Way 211 is an easy-to-remember three-digit number that McHenry County residents can call to obtain free and confidential information and resources about health and human services.

The 211 call center is staffed 24/7 for 365 days a year by trained information and referral specialists who quickly assess needs and refer callers to the help that they seek.

For a complete listing of Mental Health Board supported agencies and services, as well as a quick link service directory, visit Don't forget to download the MCHELP app on your phone for access to text and voice crisis line services.

Every resident in McHenry County can benefit from the Mental Health Board. Should you or someone in your care need help, contact us by voice, text, email or on our new website at

• Scott Block is executive director of the McHenry County Mental Health Board.