LETTER: We must be alert

To the Editor:

We are currently dealing with an overabundance of issues some of which I have opinions.

The first one is regarding retaining judge of the Supreme Court, Tom L. Kilbride of the 3rd Judicial Circuit. I say "no." He has been on the bench for 20 years, another term gives him 10 more years. Looking up information regarding salary is $200,000 annually, plus benefits that I do not know about. Perhaps if we can enforce term limits, that would cut out much higher salary expense, since Illinois is desperate for funds. Term limits is not the current problem to deal with now, but for another 10 years is out of the question for Judge Kilbride. We need a more conservative judge, with no ties to Michael Madigan and you know the situation he has, not good.

Regarding the amendment to the Illinois Constitution to allow a progressive income tax, "PIT," it is promoted as a "fair" tax. However, Illinois already has a fair income tax in that everyone is taxed at the same rate – those with large incomes already pay a higher dollar amount of taxes. Businesses are already inundated with taxes and low on revenue. The future tax increases without this level of taxpayer approval, "PIT" is a wolf in sheep's clothing and I believe it is imperative that we say no to this amendment!

One more item and that is "The New Green Deal." As mentioned by Democrat Joe Biden, and others in his party, currently, this is no "New Green Deal" but copies the socialistic pattern of the U.N. Agenda 21, whose policies date back to the 1970s but got its real start in 1992. It was a "soft" law and did not have to be ratified by Congress, at that time. This is the open door to socialism. This is just to introduce you to U.N. Agenda 21 and now the New Green Deal, and just how restrictive our freedoms can and will be. We must be alert!

Bernice Rowland