Walsh backs green energy plan, support for families in impacted industries

Plan aims for 100% clean energy economy by 2050 in Illinois

State Rep. Larry Walsh Jr. voiced his support for a 10-point policy agenda to set the state on a path to a 100% clean energy economy by the year 2050.

The Climate Job Illinois, or CJI, plan also ensures a "just transition" for the communities, as well as workers and their families, impacted by a the move to reduce emissions and combat climate change, according to a news release.

"Moving our state forward to a clean energy future cannot leave workers and families behind," Walsh, D-Elwood, said in the release. "The Climate Jobs Illinois proposal is the blueprint our state needs to make this transition in a thoughtful way that leverages our robust carbon-free base energy sources while bringing more online."

The plan outlines how the state can invest in clean-energy infrastructure to maximize emissions reductions to address climate change while creating thousands of union jobs and apprenticeship programs.

Walsh also noted that Illinois has 45,000 workers at 142 coal, oil, gas and nuclear plants which provide billions of dollars in tax revenue to local communities. The CJI plan calls for the state to fund a just transition for workers in those communities impacted by the shift to 100% clean energy.

The plan includes wage and benefits support for workers, tax revenue replacement for communities where plants close, and retraining assistance for workers to develop new skills to transition into other fields.

To learn more about the Clean Jobs Illinois 10-point proposal, visit climatejobsillinois.org.