August 16, 2022
Letters to the Editor

Responding to an attack on President Trump

The Putnam County Record of 14 October 2020 contained a letter to the editor attacking President Trump on several issues.

One of these issues was his draft deferments during the Vietnam War. Yes, President Trump did receive four draft student draft deferments before his draft exemption due to bone spurs.  You failed to mention the president’s opponent, former Vice President Joe Biden, received five student deferments before a draft exemption for asthma.

I assume that VP Biden’s deferments/exemption were not noteworthy or as egregious as those received by President Trump. The writer referred to President Trump as a “draft-dodging coward” and undeserving of treatment at Walter Reed Hospital. Doesn’t Joe Biden deserve the same “draft dodging-coward” designation and undeserving of treatment at military hospitals?

If a writer wishes to attack a candidate on an issue, he should relate the opponents action on the same issue.

David Thompson