August 16, 2022
Letters to the Editor

‘Not the America we should work for’

This nation cannot take any more of Trump. He is teaching children to lie. Case in point, a few months ago in Princeton Walmart, I came upon a young mother scolding her son for lying to her. His reply was, “President Trump tells lies, why can’t I?”

If this youngster is learning this, how many others have gotten it? Trump was just released from a hospital that he should not have been in. Walter Reed is for American heroes, not draft-dodging cowards.

Remember, Vietnam veterans, Trump took five deferments to let you go to Nam in his place while he went to school and partied. Wonder how many heroes that did not come back would have liked to have gone to college?

Trump, after only three days in the hospital went to the White House and took off his mask putting how many others at risk? He proved he doesn’t care about anyone else. He made the statement that COVID-19 isn’t all that bad. Tell that to the families of over 200,000 that have died because he did not act quick enough.

He everyday shows that he is a racist, backing white supremacy groups. Is this what you want your children to learn, to lie and to hate? That is not the America we should work for, enough of that.

For those who are down on the governor for his work on COVID-19, the numbers for Illinois are a lot better than most states, and if you want your child playing sports, would you rather have that child home and safe or getting sick?

Leo McCauley