Putnam County Schools menus Oct. 26-30


Oct. 26 — Pancakes with syrup or cereal, fruit, juice, milk.

Oct. 27 — Cereal and toast, yogurt, fruit, juice, milk.

Oct. 28 — E-LEARNING; Cereal bar or cereal, string cheese, fruit, juice, milk.

Oct. 29 — Pig in a blanket or cereal, gogurt, fruit, juice, milk.

Oct. 30 — Breakfast sandwich or cereal, fruit, juice, milk.


Oct. 26 — Cheeseburger on bun, au gratin potatoes, pears, cookie, milk.

Oct. 27 — Pizza, salad, pineapple, ice cream cup, milk.

Oct. 28 — E-LEARNING; Pork fritter on bun, oven fries, grapes, milk.

Oct. 29 — Cooks’ choice.

Oct. 30 — Hamburger gravy over mashed potatoes, corn, peaches, milk.