Letter: Supporting Judge Mark Gerhardt

To the Editor:

In many cases, voters have become cynical about people serving in elected office. Too often we vote for one thing and get another.

Like you, we have become jaded and most times shrug our shoulders. So, it takes a lot for us to be motivated to write a letter to the editor.

We have known Judge Mark Gerhardt and his family as friends for the last eight years. Certainly, experience and qualifications are crucial, I encourage everyone to look up and read about Judge Mark Gerhardt’s 25 years of experience.

However, we do not know Mark professionally, we know Mark and his family personally. They have impressed us as genuinely nice and wholesome people. We have needed assistance here and there related to our home and Mark has never questioned or hesitated to lend a hand.

You form opinions about people in the way they raise their children. Mark and his wife have the nicest, most polite children we have met. This speaks volumes about the parents and the love and attention they provide their family.

More importantly, when it comes to being a judge, integrity and fairness are key. Judge Mark Gerhardt has shown us that he is a man of integrity something that is sorely lacking in our electorate these days.

Mark does the right thing even when no one is looking. If you want a judge who will be impartial and fair Judge Mark Gerhardt is an easy choice. This is a vote you can feel good about casting.We whole heartedly endorse him.

Blake & Elizabeth Hobson