August 16, 2022
Letters to the Editor

Dani Brzozowski is the change the IL-16 deserves

To the Editor,

I’ve been a resident of Illinois 16th District since 2013; I’ve never known the 16th with a representative other than Adam Kinzinger. In fact, Kinzinger is among the most senior members in the House of Representatives.

How come, then, Kinzinger keeps letting his district down?

Given that Rep. Kinzinger so rarely holds town hall meetings, I don’t believe he is in any way in touch with our district and our needs. A lot has changed in the past several months, yet “Absent Adam” remains as elusive as ever. A quick glance at his Facebook page shows how out of touch he is, and I no longer feel comfortable with Kinzinger representing myself, my family and my district in Washington D.C.

Fortunately for us, we will have another option this November: Dani Brzozowski.

Brzozowski is committed to accessibility and wants to listen and learn from her constituents so she can best serve us. Brzozowski has held many virtual town halls, even in the middle of the pandemic and has offered her cell phone number to attendees so they can call her personally to discuss important issues.

If elected, Dani is determined to keep her residency in LaSalle County so she doesn’t lose touch with the district she serves.

Dani Brzozowski is exactly the change that IL-16 deserves. Rep. Kinzinger has been in Congress for almost a decade and has little to show for his time in Washington. Brzozowski is committed to putting in the work from day one. I look forward to voting for Dani Brzozowski this November and I hope you cast your ballots for Dani and join me.

Amber Miles