Letter: Stop Donald Trump now

To the Editor:

We are a free and unconquerable people. Over the last 100 years, the United States of America has been the beacon of hope for all peoples yearning to be free all across the globe. The Soviet Union and the Axis Powers of World War II represented the biggest threat to world freedom in the 20th century. American leadership led the world to victory over these empires of tyranny.

In the 21st century our democratic institutions are once again in peril and under attack by a fascist uprising. At the root of this uprising is the face of one man, Donald J. Trump.

We have seen our friendships and families be torn a part by the most divisive President in our lifetime. This election is bigger than political parties. A vote for Democrats is beyond preferred tax rates. It’s about declaring our solidarity with all Americans regardless of gender, race or immigration status. It’s standing with the principles of democracy, inclusiveness, and the rule of law.

When we vote we must remember that our democracy is fragile and not guaranteed. Fascism thrives on lies and fear. Do not despair because the forces of righteousness are stronger and we outnumber them.

This is a call to all Americans in McHenry County and nationwide. We must fight back against this rising tide of fascism and hate. Not with violence, but with peaceful sustained civic activism, love, and most of all, voting. Turn your protests into a massive voter registration drive. Contact the Democratic Party of McHenry County to get involved.

Twenty years from now, what will you tell your grandchildren you did when freedom came under attack? Did you stay silent or did you vote to secure democracy for the next generation?

Our nation has been built upon a series of overcoming incredible obstacles. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that. Violence and apathy cannot drive out fascism, only voting and activism can do that.

I am voting for Joe Biden and all Democrats this election. I hope that you will join me.

Peter Atterberg