Discover Your St. Charles Library: Learning digitally at home or on the go

The St. Charles Public Library is an essential part of our community.

As families and students return to school either in person or remotely, the library is here to support all learners--adults, teens and youth. The library has a robust selection of electronic resources to keep inquiring minds occupied. The “Research and Learning” section of our website is full of direct links to online encyclopedias and databases designed for use by students.

We have live, one-to-one, Illinois-aligned skill-building, homework help and test preparation assistance designed for elementary and middle school students. These tutors are available seven days a week, from 2:00–11:00 p.m., with 24-hour access to writing labs. For adults and teens, we partner with for help with resume building, GED and citizenship assistance.

For parents or caregivers who will be assisting their students with remote learning, we have a section dedicated to “Homeschool Services” that is full of online learning resources like Scholastic BookFlix, a resource that pairs classic video storybooks with related nonfiction eBooks. We have ScienceFlix which is a highly-engaging, curriculum-driven, interactive, digital resource for students with reading levels in grades 4 through 9. It includes videos, experiments and information on careers in science. Our “Homeschool Services” page also provides helpful resources to parents and caregivers that teach you how to help your student.

Whatever our future holds, the library is dedicated to supporting our patrons in whatever format is needed. I encourage you to check out the library’s online resources and see what is available so that you are prepared for any learning or school situation that that develops.

For those of you who don’t have students at home, I encourage you to look at all of the online resources available to keep you entertained, educated and a better-informed community member. Your tax payer dollars are hard at work making sure your virtual library never closes. There is always access to quality information, entertainment and learning tools.

The St. Charles Public Library is located temporarily at 305 S. Ninth Street in St. Charles.

Edith G. Craig is director of the St. Charles Public Library District. The “Discover Your Library” column runs the second Thursday of each month. Feedback can be sent to