To the Editor:

As I listened in to the Oswego School District 308 board meeting Monday Aug. 3, I knew many difficult decisions would be discussed and made during these unprecedented times. But this letter has nothing to do with the actual decisions or votes that were made; it’s about the embarrassing behavior of the school board.

In these trying times, I can only imagine the endless hours spent and pressure that has been placed on our school administration and staff in preparing for this school year. Yet I sat and listened to several board members completely disrespect those administrators –– and some sarcastic comments directed towards teachers –– throughout the board meeting. 

From the language to the rude comments to a constant combative tone, they couldn't have been or sounded more unprofessional. Instead of placing blame and complaining about everything from politicians to health departments to teachers to district administrators, how about trying to come together during a crisis? 

Heading into any future board meetings and discussions, let’s at least try and show respect and kindness towards those working so hard for the children of our district. 

Diane Corbett


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