Whiteside County property transfers recorded July 27-31

Warranty deeds

Michael J. and Peggy L. Wessels to Austin G. Manon, 101 12th St., Fulton, $199,900.

Michelle Charm Parker to Elizabeth Kirst, 402 Ninth Ave., Fulton, $189,000.

Merik M. Kennedy to Nathan L. Dewitt, 14475 Waller Road, Albany, $130,000.

John A. and Arlene F. Dickey to Gregory L. and Kyla J. Hanson, 18795 Henry Road, Morrison, $126,000.

Becky Ann Williamson and Scott E. and Tanja Zigler to Augest A. Zigler, 2200 Maple Lane, Rock Falls, $80,000.

La Farms LLC to David W. and Cindy A. Naftzger, two parcels in Garden Plain Township, $500,000.

Benjamin J. Hollister to Dennis R. and Barbara G. Becker, 204 W. Winfield St., Morrison, $75,500.

Michael W. and Debra L. Wagenecht to Brittany A. Holocker, 301 W. Main St., Morrison, $92,500.

Angela Lew Stolzoff to Sandra Dziedzic, 212 Third Ave., Rock Falls, $8,000.

Nathaniel D. and Danielle E. Decker to Jordan W. Schaller, 204 S. Genesee St., Morrison, $0.

Janlee E. and Donald L. Smith Trust to Marian K. Rosengren, one farmland parcel on Thome Road, Rock Falls, $468,734.

Mary Michel and Rebecca Ebersole to Marian K. Rosengren, one farmland parcel on Thome Road, Rock Falls, $937,467.

Paula M. Pond to Amy Suarez, 509 N. Cherry St., Morrison, $87,000.

Larry D. Gowan Estate, Jacob D. and Joshua P. Gowan and Jammie M. Nieves to Joshua P. and Jennie N. Gowen, 20381 Mathew Road, Morrison, $75,000.

RMF Buyout Acquisition, Wilmington Savings Fund Trust 20191 to Christopher D. Ferguson, 1710 13th Ave., Rock Falls, $9,975.

Residential Asset Mortgage, Bank of New York Mellon Trust to Rodney and Linda Allison, 401 Dixon Ave., Rock Falls, $39,000.

Nora A. Kelly to Kill Fish Enterprises LLC, 101 E. Kimball Road, Tampico, $117,500.

Select Employees Credit Union to John D. French and Michelle M. Burns, 2007 E. Sixth St., Sterling, $68,900.

Ashley L. Noble to Abby F. Noble, 405 Orchard Lane, Morrison, $67,000.

Janet M. Bailey to Blake Robert Claxton, 1310 12th Ave., Rock Falls, $66,500.

Brodie C. and Alyse E. Sharp to Jeremiah J. and Teresa C. Kellermann, 30591 Woodside Drive, Rock Falls, $125,000.

Jacqueline J. Williams, now Staples to Maria S. Kempthorne, 502 N. Madison St., Morrison, $74,000.

Melvin F. Berogan Estate to Brenda S. and Leonard C. Turner Jr., 1412 Eighth Ave., Rock Falls, $96,000.

Judith A. Bentley Estate to Kevin J. Carroll, 1211 Third Ave., Sterling, $25,000.

Federal National Mortgage to Christina McNeil, 301 W. Fourth St., Tampico, $20,000.

Quit claim deeds

Peter W. Dillon to Nano and Gramps LLC, 5403 River Road, Sterling, $0.

Harold L. Thielman to Michelle I. Leedham, Tanya J. Dzuibla, Laura Thielman and Rachel R. Gareski, 15609 Penrose Road, Morrison, $0.

Reverse Mortgage Funding to RMF Buyout Acquisition, Wilmington Savings Fund Trust 20191, 1710 13th Ave., Rock Falls, $0.

Executor’s deed

Donna K. Ellenwood Estate to Joshua W. Sanders, 303 Third Ave., Lyndon, $75,000.


Home Point Financial Corp. to Betty Clemens, 908 N. Bluff St., Albany, $55,000.

Craig D. and Kimberly S. Gebhardt to Maynard Family Trust, James C. and Dolores D. Maynard, trustees, 28945 Fulfs Road, Sterling, $268,000.

Source: Whiteside County Recorder’s Office

Lee County property transfers recorded July 27-31

Warranty deeds

Robert McLean to Mcam Properties LLC, 610 River Lane, Dixon, $450,000.

Jonathan and Amanda Hinkey, also Curia, to Jacob J. Dallas, 834 N. Dement Ave., Dixon, $110,000.

Hvarre Holdings LLC to Nicole Elizabeth Goodeill, 1521 Eadens Place, Dixon, $139,000.

Patrick H. Banks to Robert C. Colwell, 1416 S. Galena Ave., Dixon, $86,500.

James Nelson to Jason Nelson, 125 N. Sixth St., Compton, $123,000.

Emmanuel I and Vanessa Frutos to Hunter M. Wright, 917 S. College Ave., Dixon, $115,000.

Kathleen Denniston to Samuel Martinez and Martha C. Alvarez, block 9, lot 29, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $5,000.

Tho Chantharasy to Jorge Aponte Avila and Yoly F. Diaz Linares, block 18, lot 61, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $5,000.

Mary Michel to Rebecca Ebersole and Brandon Rosengren, one farmland parcel in Harmon Township, $138,000.

Mary Michel and Rebecca Ebersole to Patricia A. and D. Joseph Rosengren, three farmland parcels in Harmon Township, $742,534.

Larry Morgan to Clarence J. and Joyce A. Morrissey Trust, Clarence J, Joyce A. and Robert J. Morrissey, trustees, one farmland parcel in Marion Township, $97,000.

Dustin D. Ligtenberg to Cam R. Latta, 624 Morgan Road, Amboy, $84,000.

Jennifer L. and Joshua Shaw to Samantha Bradley, 611 W. Second St., Dixon, $120,000.

William E. and Stacy J. Andreas to Joel Anthony Luciano, block 9, lot 118 and 119, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $9,000.

Howard M. Benton to Jorge A. Lopez Jr., block 29, lot 355 and 356, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $9.999.

Monda Barnes-Roberts to Mark G. and Cathy A. Bartos, block 7, lot 41, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $5,000.

Donald E. Wilke to Alicia K. and William C. Hall, William Schaneberg, Heather Settles and Brandon and Reann Miller, 1127 E. River Road, Dixon, $180.000.

Katie L. and Lance M. Montavon to Ashley Meyer, 222 W. Division St., Amboy, $85,000.

Kathryn M. Dwyer to Kyle A. and Ann M. Lorenz, 1014 W. Second St., Dixon, $38,000.

Joseph M. and Jennifer L. Warrenfeltz to Michael Janssen, 2093 Daysville Road, Franklin Grove, $227,000.

Nicole and Thaddeus Mezyk to Cindy and Paul Carey, block 2, lot 33, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $7,000.

Lillian H. Ferrer to Ruben Michael Garnica III, block 4, lot 120, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $0.

Francisca Ferrer to Jessica Cruz Lopez, block 4, lot 116, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $0.

Emily E. Meakins to Daquan Bradley and Mia Ashley, 2244 Clouse Lane, Dixon, $271,500.

Donald and Shirley John to James and Donene Ende, 1688 River Ridge Road, Dixon, $24,000.

Nathan and Jessica Boyles, also Underhile to Kaleb M. and Lexus L. Foster, 1416 Hemlock Ave., Dixon, $102,000.

Peter Patykowski and Teresa Milan to Jorge W. Fermaintt, block 5, lot 483, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $6,500.

Quit claim deeds

Oscar Manlapaz to Woodhaven Association, block 10, lot 72, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $0.

Jeffrey S. and Kimberly M. Jackson to Hector Raices and Kelly Henley-Raices, block 20, lot 61, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $5,000.

Trustee’s deeds

Donald L. and Janlee E. Smith Trust, Donald L. and Janlee E. Smith, trustees to Brandon Rosengren, one farmland parcel in Harmon Township, $69,000.

Donald L. and Janlee E. Smith Trust, Donald L. and Janlee E. Smith, trustees to D. Joseph and Patricia A. Rosengren, three farmland parcels in Harmon Township, $371,267.

Joseph A. and Sandra L. Ferazzo Trust, Sandra Ferazzo, trustee, to Dustin Ligtenberg and Courtney Cannott, 1350 Sleepy Hollow Road, Amboy. $165,000.

Trust number 101, James A. and Eileen M. Spears, trustees, to Joel K. Prestegaard, 3388 Lee Road, Lee, $300,000.

Source: Lee County recorder’s office

Ogle County property transfers recorded July 24-30

Warranty deeds

PNC Bank to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 205 West St., Davis Junction, $0.

Gregory K. and Shelley L. Marchini to Scott W. and Lakin L. Fisher, 1103 W. Second St., Byron, $250,000.

Darrin D. and Michele Haley to Francisco and Magaly Vasquez, 184 Autumnwood Lane, Davis Junction, $184,000.

Vincent and Lina Aiello to Mitchell and Sasha Logan, two parcels on Platt Drive, Dixon, $5,000.

KJ Management Group LLC to Devin Jacob Standard, 838 N. Brookview Drive, Byron, $150,000.

Cynthia L. Adams to Alexander Demetzensky and Colleen Nolan, 916 W. Town Line Road, Byron, $324,000.

Kathleen M. Hollonbeck to city of Rochelle, 1315 W. Second Ave., Rochelle, $0.

Joseph L. and Patricia M. Lynch to Dylan R. Simler and Banjamin W. and Jorden J. Sasscer, 501 S. Second Ave., Forreston, $32,500.

Richard J. and Carmella M. Daugherty to Mario Castro and Jocelyn Ortiz, 319 Erickson Road, Rochelle, $108.900.

Teresa A. Mize and John D. Lantz Sr. to Caleb Aguilar, 316 S. Franklin Ave., Polo, $80,500.

Ernesto and Idalia Marin to Gbesimide Agbetrobu, 333 N. 12th St., Rochelle, $143,900.

Haywell LLC Westwood to Richard J. and Carmella Daugherty, 121 Windward Lane, $187,000.

Byron Reserve LLC to Morne G. Diedericks, 1110 Frosty Morning Drive, Davis Junction, $183,000.

Janet Dorwaldt to Alfonso Perez, 10023 Flagg Road, Rochelle, $213,000.

Johnny R. and Tracy L. Hensley to Jordan A. Miller, 1005 N. Main St., Rochelle, $177,000.

Jeremiah J. Shearer to Joshua D. Teague and Katelynn D. Worley, 375 Redtail Drive, Davis Junction, $145,000.

Donna J. and Glenn R. Cerveny to Jonathan L. and Nicole L. Larson and Larry S. and Ann M. Davis, 1140 E. Flagg Road, Dixon, $88,000.

Donna Vanderkolk to James Anthony and Shelia Lynn Vanderkolk, 406 Phelps St., Oregon, $105,000.

Dennis Lee King to Gerardo Maldonado Torres, 8502 N. Hedge Road, Byron, $107,000.

Quit claim deed

Edona Ajvazi to Spring Valley Group LLC, 608 E. Washington St., Oregon, $0.

Trustee’s deeds

Ronald D. Miller Trust 2010, Ronald D. Miller, trustee, to Byron Bank, 1735 N. Meridian Road, Chana, $0.

JB Adams Family Trust, James M. and Brooke A. Adams, trustees, to Judith R. Reber Trust1, Judith L. Reber, also Pate, trustee, 8271 E. Hales Corner Road, Stillman Valley, $162,500.

Deed in Trust

Ronald C. Tilton Trust, Ronald C. Tilton, trustee, to Peggy Ann Oslay, 304, 306, and 308 Wild Cherry Drive, Dixon, $129,900.

Source: Ogle County Recorder’s Office

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