To the Editor:

I am a gardener. I know that when I see certain weeds in my garden, I must root them out immediately or I will lose the flowers and produce I have worked to cultivate.

The same is true with misinformation that, without pruning, flourishes in the public consciousness. A current example is the lie that voting by mail is insecure. 

The Republican Secretary of State of the state of Washington, where vote by mail has been the method of voting for around 20 years, reports that the error rate is .00005%. She has invited journalists and politicians to come to Washington state and review the records in an effort to counter the false narrative that vote by mail is unsafe.

Few who spew this incorrect information have taken her up on her offer. It must be easier to live with the weed of a lie.

In Illinois, you may mail in your application for your vote-by-mail ballot now. If you apply early, you will receive your ballot shortly after they are mailed on Sept. 24. You may return your ballot to the election department in your county as soon as you have marked and signed it. 

As in all elections and voting methods, it is public information whether you have voted. Who you vote for, however, is always private.  

A few days after mailing in your ballot, you will be able to check with your county election department’s website to assure that your ballot has been received. If there is an issue with your ballot, the election authority is mandated to notify you within a day of receiving your ballot.

These are weedy times both in the garden and in the public discourse. Check your sources and make sure you are listening to truthful information.

Sarah Bingaman


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