Letter: Remember what Donald Trump has done

To the Editor:

Jesus said, in his gospel, “Suffer the little children unto me.” President Trump allowed children to be kept in cages, run by his cronies. Was this the Christian response to dispossessed children?

Jesus also said, in his gospels, “Love you neighbor as yourself” and “Turn the other cheek.” For three and one-half years, candidate and President Donald Trump has lambasted people of color, dismissed the ideas of caring and intellectually thoughtful people, and has disregarded international treaties, such as NATO and WHO.

Would a loving Christian have refused to dialogue with them?

President Trump has continually tried to divide our country into “we” and “them”, dividing families, neighbors and communities from mindful dialogue and respect. Are we happy with this?

In the midst of this COVID-19 epidemic, President Trump has shown absolutely no empathy or compassion for the Americans affected by the virus. States which allowed early “return to normalcy,” unlike our state of Illinois, have had the highest cases of coronavirus.

His disrespect for science and his flaunting of the Bible as he walked down a street of protesters, with police spraying them with tear gas (in the U.S. capital, by the way), does not correspond with a “man of faith.”

Finally, his love of the dictators of countries like North Korea and his close “friendship” with Vladimir Putin of Russia shows his lack of understanding the foundations of our constitution – respect for the law, which includes behaving like a responsible citizen, not acting on whim.

Please do not forget to vote in the November elections!

Donna Davis