Letter: Keep yourself informed

To the Editor:

A global virus, coupled with the senseless killing of a human being, have together forced Americans to revisit the powerful lessons of history.

Blindly compliant citizens willing to surrender priceless freedoms purchased with the sacrifices of our fore-bearers cower beneath arbitrary mandates from arrogant, wantonly unaccountable tyrants. Absolute power descends upon the unsuspecting, ill-informed herd.

Anarchy, chaos and fear rock our cities governed by feckless, incompetent bureaucrats hiding behind their own taxpayer-funded private security. One need only study the horrific destruction of Rome and Venezuela to comprehend that which we observe in Seattle and Portland.

Contrasts for this November’s election, up and down the ballot, could not possibly be more stark.

We choose between accountability in governance and unfettered despotism, civil order versus mayhem and terror.

The days of widespread citizen complacency and intellectual laziness end now. Critical stakes in this election serve as a clarion call to every loyal American to remain dutifully informed and genuinely involved for the sake of this nation’s existence and the survival of her posterity.

William G. Parrot