St. Charles District 303 answers frequently asked questions about new school year

Families have until midnight today to decide whether their children will receive in-person or remote learning

ST. CHARLES – St. Charles Unit School District 303 officials continue to answer questions from parents about what school will be like when students return from summer break on Aug. 13.

The district has been posting on its website,, the answers to frequently asked questions about the new school year. Officials on Friday updated the information.

Families have until midnight today to decide whether their children will receive in-person or remote learning. To accommodate families who believe that an online option is best for their child, full remote learning will be offered on a semester by semester basis. The district is also offering in-person learning and a hybrid of the two.

Elementary school students will receive in-person learning while middle school and high school students will receive a blend of in-person and remote learning when they return to school next month.

For those parents who do not complete the survey by today, the district will contact the parents and ask them to make a choice. One of the recent questions asked if the state moves into phase five of Gov. JB Pritzker's Restore Illinois plan (the state is currently in phase four of the plan) and all students go back to in-person learning, will their child attend their home school?

Officials replied that every effort will be made to keep elementary school students in their home school with the understanding that cap and send may be in effect.

"Remote middle school classes may include students from both schools," officials said. "In the event we go to full in-person learning, students may have a different in-person teacher. High school students will attend in-person using the same schedule and teacher they had during remote (learning)."

The first day of student attendance will be Aug. 13 for in-person, blended and/or remote learning. Students and staff members will be required to use an online tool to certify daily before coming to school for any in-person learning experience that they are free from COVID-19 symptoms, district officials said.

Visitors will not be allowed in school buildings and field trips currently are prohibited. To accomplish physical distancing in the classroom, non-essential furniture will be removed in order to increase space; desks and/or tables will be arranged so that students and teachers can maintain a six-foot distance from one another; floor markers or wall signage will be used to help students maintain physical distancing in the classroom and lockers and cubbies will not be used.

In addition, when they arrive at their school, students will go directly to their classrooms. Bathroom breaks will be structured and bathroom capacities will be followed, according to the guide.

Bus capacity will be limited to 50 people. Assigned seating will be two children per seat (siblings will sit together), the guide states. The seat immediately behind the bus driver will not be occupied.

Windows and/or roof hatches on buses will be open as weather permits to improve air circulation, according to the guide, and bus sanitizing will take place between the a.m. and p.m. routes and upon completion of the p.m. routes on each student attendance day.