‘Our bodies are not a political playground’

To the Editor,

Adam Kinzinger has made it clear over and over again that he does not care about the reproductive health of people living in this district. For one, he has repeatedly voted against federal funding for Planned Parenthood, a vital resource for young people, and low income patients in our community that rely on their clinics for public health care programs.

Planned Parenthood provides, to name a few services: contraceptives, vaccines, pap tests, prenatal health services, cancer screenings, and, yes, abortion.

At a speech last year, Kinzinger mentioned that abortions after 20 weeks are banned in all but seven countries, further demonizing this health care procedure without mentioning the minor detail that 92% of abortions are performed before 14 weeks. Abortions can be a taboo subject, but it is time to erase the stigma and call this procedure what it is: health care.

Make no mistake, when Adam Kinzinger co-signed a brief calling for a full repeal of Roe v. Wade, he told you, me and every person in this district that our right to choose does not matter to him. To repeal Roe v. Wade would mean taking a step back to a time where pregnant people are forced to find other, much more dangerous means of terminating their pregnancy — this has been proven time and again.

Let Adam Kinzinger know that our bodies are not a political battleground. This November, choose a candidate who will make sure your voice is heard. Dani Brzozowski understands the need for comprehensive reproductive health care, has been endorsed by Planned Parenthood Action Fund, and will fight for us all to have control of our own bodies.

Frankie Alfano