Letter: Virtual or real conventions

To the Editor:

I can’t understand why Donald Trump and the Republican National Committee want to have a real person-to-person convention. Joe Biden and the Democratic National Committee will be doing a virtual meeting.

The reason for the DNC’s virtual convention is jamming thousands of people together in an arena could spread COVID-19 to most of them. Why would people intentionally go to a place where you can catch a deadly disease?

Let’s face it, one leader doesn’t care if he kills off his supporters for his own vanity. A DNC convention would be full of a rainbow of colors, genders and ethnic delegates. It would be very dangerous for them since their age, health and race make them prime targets for the virus.

The RNC conventioneers would have less chance of contracting the virus because they are mostly old, rich, healthy, white people.

If Trump gets his acceptance speech in front of a few hundred of bused-in supporters, you know they aren’t going to get closer to him than 50 or a 100 feet and he will be surrounded by sneeze shields.

The current plan is for him to be in Nashville and everybody else infecting each other in Charlotte. Now that is social distancing.

Chuck Johnson