Looking Back for May 20, 2020

1920 – 100 YEARS AGO

While digging the ditch in which to lay the new foundation for the building to be occupied by the Superior Washing Machine company, the workmen happened to dig up the old city block corner stone which was laid about 20 years ago. The stone was about three feet under the ground and has been thought of as lost. Where the building now stands there was at one time, a deep hollow, and when the building was to be built this was filled in, covering up the marker.

While most people do not miss the health officer when he is ill or out of town, people who have had contagious diseases and are well, want him to come around and take the little old red sign from the door. The family living on Maplewood Ave. have been confined with the measels (sic) and at the time Dr. Hagey was struck by an automobile, the cases were almost well. They called up the police station this noon and another doctor was sent to the home and the sign taken down.

Two wrecking crews have been at work continuously clearing up the debris of the wreck on the Great Western railroad early yesterday morning. Six cars were smashed beyond repair, some of them being nothing but kindling. One car of machinery was practically ruined as was a carload of eggs. Over 100 hogs were killed and the entire damage will run into many thousands of dollars.

GET BEE-ZY – I would rather be a King bee with “something doing” than a would-be with nothing doing. Let’s all get Bee-zy and attend to our umbrella wants. EDDIE COLLINS. Universal Mechanical Umbrella Dr. Phone 1336 – I do the rest.

The American Steel & Wire Co. has just received a carload of flour which the company is selling to its employees at a price that ought to help them to beat the high cost of living in this one item. The company has in the past secured coffee and other commodities in a similar manner.

Dr. P L. Smith is pretty sore about the way some kids marked up the rear end of his roadster. He was making a call on Gurler street Sunday and left the car standing out in front. When he came the rear end of the car was marked with names of “Eva, Myrtle, Iona and Wilbur.” The kids are supposed to be in the neighborhood of 16 years, and if found Perry is going to make an example of them.

1945 – 75 YEARS AGO

Although it is not thought that anything was stolen the college gym was broken into last night sometime before midnight, the watchman discovering the door at the main entrance to the west broken about midnight. An auto which had been stolen while parked at the rear of the Log Cabin and reported as being stolen shortly after midnight was later found stuck hub-deep in the mud in the former coal yard at the college near the power plant and there may be some connection between the theft of the car and the breaking at the gym.

Not only will Sycamore and community be compelled to wear tight shoes (if they have them) but the shoe stamp situation is going to be tighter to come than it has at any time since the war began, it is announced by Mrs. Jeanne Mihm, chief clerk of the Sycamore ration boards.

AT THE EGYPTIAN – TONIGHT THROUGH THURSDAY: “National Velvet” with Mickey Rooney and Donald Crisp.

Information comes from Washington D. C. that Thomas Spacie of DeKalb has been granted a patent. Mr Spacie has a plan for an improved type of window frame and his idea has been granted the protection of patent rights.

Announcement is made at the public library that another shipment of good reading material in book form, is ready to be shipped to soldiers’ camps. This assortment which contains 20 full size books and a similar number of the smaller books will be sent to the European theater of war.

WOMAN WANTED – To help with trays and help in kitchen. DeKalb County Sanatorium. Apply at the superintendent’s office.

With both the War Manpower Commission and several of the industries in the DeKalb area having expressed a desire that the child care nursery, operated by the Northern Illinois State Teachers College under the auspices of the Federal Works Agency, be continued after June 30, the college has renewed its application for federal funds to finance the nursery.

1970 – 50 YEARS AGO

Students and police left the western part of the Northern Illinois University campus deeply scarred from a nightlong series of hit-and-run clashes. Fifty-four persons were arrested, five police officers and four students injured, two university cars and two trucks were burned, and countless windows broken.

A Rumor Control will be established at 5 p.m. tonight by the DeKalb Human Relations Commission. The number to call is 756-XXXX for clarification of any rumors you have heard or any information you have gathered pertaining to violence or disturbances in town.

Vicki Perkins won a floral centerpiece as her award for a daughter 12 or under having the longest hair at the Gen-E-Dek Club Mother-Daughter Banquet.

For the interest of safety, the Malta Fire Department has a warning system worked out to notify residents of impending danger. The emergency vehicle will be driven throughout the village with the flashing red light and a continuous blast on the siren for three minutes. The system is designed to warn residents to take precautionary measures and listen to your radio for further instructions.

RESIDENCE TELEPHONE EXTENSIONS – Cost only 75 cents a month. Can you afford to be without one? Call your TELEPHONE BUSINESS OFFICE.

1995 – 25 YEARS AGO

The Target department store began recruiting local residents this week during its job fair. The fair, held at George’s Restaurant in Sycamore, attracted more than 1,000 applicants. DeKalb’s addition to the nationwide chain is slated to open July 23.

The Old DeKalb Post Office is now reduced to its foundation. Though demolition puts an end to one page of its story, the search for a successor to the site is already underway.

What could 4-H, pets and senior citizens have in common? In April, several DeKalb County 4-H members and their pets visited with the residents of Pine Acres Care Center in DeKalb. Who enjoyed the visit more is hard to say. For the next hours, cats enjoyed being petted. They were content to sit in laps. The dogs also got their share of pats on the head and gave their paws to be shaken. The rabbit especially seemed to enjoy the warmth of a soft lap.

The Spartan Boosters of Sycamore and Play It Again Sports of DeKalb have teamed up to turn used sports equipment into cash for Sycamore High School Athletics. Students, families, alumni and neighbors are invited to search through their garages and closet for outgrown and underused skates, gloves, hockey pads, golf clubs and other items.