Letter: All amendments matter, not just the 2nd Amendment

To the Editor:

During this prolonged period of social distancing, I find myself spending far too much time mulling over questions of which I have yet to provide answers.Like a pesky mosquito, my pondering persists.

Perhaps someone much wiser might provide answers that could ease my angst:

• Why do I read in our local paper frequent rants against a woman’s right to choose, but fail to see any outrage over the bombings of Yemen (or Syria, or Afghanistan, or…) fueled by our tax dollars? Unborn, newborn, moms, dads, brothers being slaughtered every single day but not a word? Pleading for an answer!

• Why is the Second Amendment the single go-to amendment for the assault weapon-toting people concerned that gun regulations take away their constitutional rights? Why not take a moment to read a bit from the Ninth Amendment advocating for my constitutional right provided by our government for “…obtaining happiness and safety”? I am finding it difficult to feel any sense of safety knowing someone could be packing heat at my grocery store, movie theater or local bars. Any answer for me?

• How often do those who frequently attack journalism with what has now become the pejorative “mainstream media” read the First Amendment advocating for free press? My only question here is, “What is your go-to source for information? If not “mainstream, then what?” Would love to know.

Only three of some of my bothersome shelter-in-place queries that have been with me pre-pandemic, but I’m quite certain they will be festering post-pandemic. Certain there are answers to my questions but not so certain there will be any change.

Joan Skiba