Letter: Supporting Sheriff Bill Prim's coronavirus actions

To the Editor,

COVID-19 has altered the landscape of our country in ways we have never seen before. As employees of the McHenry County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO), my colleagues and I have witnessed the organization’s approach to this unprecedented situation. Led by Sheriff Bill Prim, the department was one of the first in the county to enact many levels of safety and security for its employees, while still keeping public safety the top priority.

Being in a profession that ultimately has us interacting with individuals is simply a job hazard, one that each of us are aware of when we sign up. Simply put, it is part of the job. Sheriff Prim has set forth policies to minimize contact with the general public, as well as coworkers, while not compromising public safety.

The two labor units who make up the majority of the employees at MCSO stand with Sheriff Prim and the administration as we move forward through these uncharted times. The anonymous words of the few do not represent the facts nor the views of the employees of MCSO as a whole.

Matt Matusek, Deputy Sheriff MCSO 1996-present, Chairperson FOP Labor Unit 1

Joe Kallal, Correctional Officer MCSO 2005-present, Chairperson FOP Labor Unit 2