Letter: Legislation for We the People

To the Editor:

I applaud Speaker Pelosi and McHenry County's House Representatives, Lauren Underwood and Sean Casten, for passing three stimulus bills that put Main Street before Wall Street. Finally, We the People and our small businesses will receive needed economic relief instead of ballots only for big corporations and Wall Street plutocrats.

The latest House bill, H.R. 6201, the Families First Coronavirus Response Act passed on March 13 and was sent it to the Senate immediately. The bill sat without action for weeks while working families panicked about their finances.

Only when the Senate reconvened weeks later did Republicans write their own legislation loaded with massive pork and a $500 billion blind slush fund for corporations and Wall Street with no oversight or accountability.

Rest assured, Congressional Democrats, including our members of Congress, stood up to this crony capitalism and passed measures to enforce transparency and add oversight. Now a dedicated inspector general can oversee, expose and stop the President's corrupt deals.

As we the people suffer from the incompetence, criminal negligence and self-dealings of this President, his administration, and his congressional co-conspirators, it is worthwhile to remember what led us to this precarious, dangerous and deadly epidemic.

A president who lied to the American public, ignored the scientists and expert warnings of the coming pandemic, then calling it a "Democratic Hoax," did nothing. An administration that dismantled the White House's pandemic response team, and complicit congressional cohorts who helped cover up this treason against America.

Elections have consequences, the actions (or lack thereof) of the White House make that clear. But the actions of our members of Congress, Lauren Underwood and Sean Casten, also show us what good can come from participating in the Democratic process. Please vote like your life depends on it, because, for We the People it does.

Bob Janz