Letter: Respect the stay-at-home order

To the Editor:

We are all facing an unprecedented time. The coronavirus has reminded us of the importance of family and the gift of "normal." Until that normal returns, the one most significant action necessary to contain the spread requires one simple demand of all of us, social distancing. For some, the definition of "distancing" appears difficult to grasp.

From abandoned New York streets on one hand to crowded beaches, bike paths, and sidewalks, the contrasts are striking.

For those who feel their social time and gatherings are "essential," please think of the people who are truly essential and need to be protected. Consider the medical personnel in ERs and rescue squads, police officers, people stocking our grocery shelves and scanning our food, cleaning our offices, and keeping our lives safe.

These people are essential. We need to salute them and thank them all for their service to us.

Social distancing is the least we can do.

Joan Skiba