Letter: Hoping for a real referendum on Nunda Township elimination

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To the Editor:

While Nunda Township and other local townships absolutely need to be eliminated, it might end up actually being a good thing Nunda’s consolidation referendum did not pass this election.

The referendum was a farce. It presented a false choice. It offered possible elimination of the township by 2037, though area homeowners need property tax relief now. This was designed so Nunda Township Supervisor Lee Jennings could max out his taxpayer-funded retirement, while Nunda Township taxpayers struggle to get by. Jennings has a history of being self-serving on the taxpayer dime, so this scheme should be no surprise.

We need real change. The do-nothing township politicians are carbon copies of our lackluster state politicians, and our unproductive Washington politicians. Especially as our state suffers through the coronavirus crisis, and likely will face an economic downturn from it, we need to look for ways to give taxpayers and businesses relief. An easy way to do that would to be to get rid of corrupt, inefficient townships like Nunda, McHenry and others.

I applaud Bob Anderson for his efforts, though so far unsuccessful, to consolidate McHenry Township. While I don’t know him personally, seeing him fight for the betterment of his community despite township lackeys trying hard to bring him down, is inspiring. Unlike township officials, Bob makes an honest living and works hard for the people around him.

I applaud Nunda Township taxpayers for seeing through the ridiculousness of waiting until 2037 for property tax relief and good government reform. Hopefully in two years, we get a real referendum, eliminate Nunda Township and see real change.

Donna Ocasek

Crystal Lake