Letter: Daily briefings show Trump's lack of leadership in detail

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To the Editor:

I am beginning to think that the worst things about the COVID-19 virus are the daily updates from the White House task force. The information delivered is composed of 10% actual science (when Dr. Anthony Fauci is there), 10% new information, 30% sucking up to the president, 30% presidential rambling in his responses to questions, and 20% misleading and gaslighting statements about the White House response so far.

If you watched Sunday's briefing, as I just did, you saw the president at his worst. Trump continues to scapegoat and deny any responsibility for what is happening, blaming China, the Obama administration, and anyone else or thing he can think of. He continues to push the false hope of a new treatment for the virus that will start on Tuesday (if you can believe him).

Compare all this to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo's daily updates for his state. Clear, concise and honest communication with his constituents. No sycophants to lavish him with praise. Making tough decisions. The contrast couldn't be greater. Each day brings more urgency to the elections in November. Americans deserve a leader who knows how to lead, rather than one who 'accepts no responsibility' for what transpires on his watch.

Richard Keslinke