WRITE TEAM: In the real world I admire talent and perseverance

So I thought I might write about the virus that is making everyone crave toilet paper. Not quite sure how that relates but it must because there is very little to be found. Then I thought it has probably been done enough so I flushed it.

Next I thought I would do something about our current governor and the political games he is playing and the victimhood he is claiming for his failures. That also seemed much too easy a target in a state that has enough problems.

So I sit here with an old-fashioned, sipping the alcohol and bitters while writing and what, if you could not already tell, about the ramblings which have run through my head recently, I do at least once a session.

I do not drink alcohol very often, but for some reason the bottle called to me in the store. It was cheap. It was premixed. And I thought, let’s try something different.

There will not be much of a connection between one thought to the next except they come out of the same fingers on the same keyboard and originate in the same mind.

It is primary election night when we will find out who will run against the senior senator from Illinois who has long overstayed his usefulness but remains because, well, why not, the folks in the big city like him.

Unfortunately for me, or maybe more fortunately than many, I canceled my cable service recently.

I did so just in time to miss all the repetitive news cycles that were reminding me of what I had just heard an hour before, and the night before, and the early morning before.

It will be back to the paper for news.

I did discover a television series on a streaming service that I binge watched. It kind of defeats the purpose of eliminating the cable part except it was a short-lived binge.

I laughed and thought during the show’s several short seasons. I found all the characters quite enjoyable and the story line very entertainingly wordy which, if you couldn’t tell, I have a tendency to do myself.

A long time ago, and I don’t remember if it was in a book or a magazine, maybe an interview, someone stated that they often felt they had a greater connection to characters on the pages of a novel than they did to real people.

I understand quite well what was being said. I have found myself missing characters from the pages of a novel that when finished felt like a friend had gone away.

I have rooted for the heroes and heroines of comedies and tragedies and have been led to greater understandings of the world I inhabit.

In the real world, I admire talent and perseverance.

I have several friends who consistently display such. Generally, they seem to be female. I am not sure if that is sexist or just that I tend to notice and prefer women.

Maybe it is because when they are good, they don’t look to blame others. They just do and accept.

I think this stream of thought may have a common thread woven into the ramblings above.

RICHARD PUGH, of Ottawa, is enjoying living in the Illinois River Valley. He can be reached by emailing tsloup@shawmedia.com.